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Just wondering what should be done?
« on: July 29, 2016, 06:04:47 PM »

I was riding down Aneurysm yesterday arvo, and luckily, after finding puddles and sticks higher up the track, was taking it fairly easy.  There is a nice fast right hand berm that has a well formed 600mm high kicker about 2m after the berm finishes.  It's about 100m above where the Granite Link comes in. 

If you are standing up on your bike you can just sight past the kicker before leaving the berm - not so much if you have you weight low hugging the berm.  Just as I exited the berm I sighted a tree across the track about 3m past the kicker.  I took off a fraction of speed going up the jump, wheels now off the ground I sailed toward the tree for what seemed a minute, but in reality was only a meter, and was fully on the brakes and almost OTB as I landed - I just lightly touching the tree and stopped.  It was too big to remove so I gathered what I could to build a ramp over it, placed another log midway along the berm just poking over the edge close to the ride line hoping to alert riders that all was not well and headed toward the end of my ride thinking 'I was really lucky to stop in time for that - what if??'

So I got back to the car and reluctantly loaded up my saw and returned in the dark to clear this and another tree a little further down.  Problem was, I did not know of a good way to warn people that there was a significant hazard on the track, but I knew the risk of leaving it 'as is' was that we would have one less friend to ride with for the next few weeks; and a heap of paperwork would need to be done to justify why this track is safe in the event that someone got badly injured on it.

What is the best way to manage such hazards?  I guess if I carried 10m of marker tape that may help (and would look pretty streaming from my handlebars). Should you place a hazard on the track that is easily visible so that people have to stop for that prior to reaching the un sighted hazard? Could there be signs permanently installed at each trail head that could be uncovered to warn users of a new hazard (then how would you ensure this wasn't abused)? Is there an after hours number for PV to alert them to the hazard for appropriate management?

Any suggestions? CK

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Re: Just wondering what should be done?
« Reply #1 on: July 30, 2016, 10:08:09 AM »
G'day Craig,

The process is quite easy you can call Parks Victoria on 131 963 and report the hazard, they will then pass it on to the ranger in charge.

Mountain biking is dangerous and people ignore signs think: Anneurism Closure, Blores Hill, You Yangs and The Hill in Geelong have all had closed trails ridden by muppets recently. We're never going to remove the risk altogether.

You can also notify the club and we can post up on our social media.



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